ExoArmor  for iOS
Operate the ExoArmor defense system to shield 30 targeted cities from an increasingly complex invasion force of over 11,000 bombers!

Each city is a self-contained battle against waves of bombardment that require fast thinking and faster reflexes.
  • Fluid, 60 frames-per-second, high-intensity action inspired by classic arcade space shooters.
  • Easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master with a gradual learning curve that encourages advancement.
  • Great for short bursts of time or longer play sessions with ultra-fast restarts that get you right back into the action.
  • Additional optional challenges to sharpen your skills.
  • Normal and Easy difficulty modes always available.
  • Internet-free, 100% offline - play anytime, anywhere.
  • Enjoy the game, distraction free - no in-app purchases or advertisements.
  • Supports all devices running at least iOS 9.3.
Hone your skills with ExoArmor's captivating single player, single touch game play. Surprises await you as the game unfolds and your opposition becomes ever more formidable.
Video of actual game play. 
Screenshots of actual game play.
Pausing the Action
The ExoArmor interface is designed to minimize distraction and keep you focused on the action.

To pause, simply slide your finger up to, or tap on, the top half of the screen.

A line of demarcation (shown below) appears as you slide upward.
City Details
ExoArmor records your highest level of achievement for defended cities.

Surpass your previous records and earn trophies for reaching city targets!

To view a city's details, tap the dashed right edge (highlighted below) of the corresponding City Select button.
Privacy Policy
No personal data is collected.

ExoArmor only records player progress (see City Details above) and generic configuration data.

This game data is only stored locally on your device and is not communicated in any fashion.

To erase your game data see Erasing Game Data below.
Erasing Game Data
To erase your ExoArmor game data, tap the Trash Can (highlighted below) on the final City Select page.

You are prompted to unlock the Erase Game Data button. The Erase Game Data button will reset all game data.

Erased game data cannot be recovered! All player progress will be lost.